Sunday, April 3, 2011

Off to see the Wizard!

As I've said before Jay is in love with the Wizard of Oz.  It just so happened I took him with me to do some errands this week and he saw a billboard with the Wizard of Oz on it.  Turns out one of the local High Schools was doing a production this weekend.  Of course we had to go!  Tickets were cheap, my husband was off, and there happened to be a kid movie that he and my other punk could go to.  It was meant to be!

Here is how our day started.  At 5:45 am, no less.

Jay:  Mommy today is the Wizard of Oz!

Me:  Yes, I know!

Jay:  Is it almost morning?

Me:  Yes, almost!  (Kind of chuckling to myself because to him it's not "morning" until it's light outside.  So why the heck can't he sleep until morning?)

Jay:  (In a panicy voice)  What if we miss the play?!

Me:  We won't.  We'll go after dinner.  (TWELEVE HOURS from now.  Heaven help me through this day!)

And at 6:30 am

Jay:  Mommy, is it starting yet?

Me:  (Already wishing I had surprised him rather than let him know we were going, but once he saw the billboard it was all over!)  Honey, I've got this.  We will be there on time, please don't make me crazy all day.

And surprisingly, he didn't.  We did talk about being excited many times throughout the day, and I loved that.  But, he didn't keep asking the "is it time yet" question.  Thank goodness!

So finally it was time. 

Can you tell he's just a teensy bit excited?  Gotta love the big grin!  We went inside, and there was already a line starting to form.  10 minutes later it was out the door!  We stood in line for about 20 more minutes.  I think those were the longest moments of his little life!  I asked him if he was nervous.  He said yes.  I asked him why.  He said he was worried about that witch!

Here he is just before we walked into the auditorium.  He loved the little tin man.  I may have to make one of those for him!

As soon as we sat down he grabbed my hand.  His excitement and nerves were getting to him.  Now we had another 15-20 minute wait before the show began.  Could time go any slower?

Some friends showed up and sat next to us.  She was kind enough to take our picture.  He is just giddy!

Finally his wait was over.  The show began, and it was incredible!  I've never seen such an amazing high school play.  Not a bit cheesy, fabulous back drops, props and costumes.  He's completely convinced it's all real.  Even though he still had my hand in a death grip, he LOVED every minute!

He did not let go of my hand until intermission!  Yes, it was a hot, sweaty mess.  The special effects were amazing.  The witch, Glenda and the flying monkeys all actually flew.  "The Oz Man" was larger than life, and according to Jay, the scariest part!  (And he was worried about the witch, heh, heh!)

 At the end, and I think this may have just been the very best part of the evening, he got to MEET all the characters!

Now, if you know my Jay, you will understand what a HUGE deal this is.  One, because he LOVES the Wizard of Oz more than anything else.  And two, because he is very shy and reserved.  He HATES Chuck E. Cheese, and all other characters.  But, he mustered up the courage to meet his idols!  I was so excited for him!

 Tin man

 Dorothy.  His very most favorite.  And she was so sweet to him!  I just wanted to hug her for making my baby happy.

 Seriously, THE most amazing lion I've ever seen!

 The scarecrow could not have been better.  The play had people dressed up as crows walking around singing on stage.  So fun!

 An "Oz Girl".  I know he looks less than thrilled, but you've got to remember how nervous he was!

 Toto!  That's his self assigned character when he's playing Wizard of Oz!  He was so impressed he's a real dog!

 And finally Glenda.  So kind and took her time visiting with him.  Amazing.

Material things in this life fade.  But memories are forever.  Someday he won't love Wizard of Oz like he does now.  My dad always told me to enjoy life and make memories NOW.  I am so thankful that I could make my little boy's dream come true.  He will always remember the time we went to the see the Wizard of Oz.  I hope he also remembers that I love him and love being with him. 

Wizard of Oz tickets: $20.
Making special memories with my baby:  PRICELESS!