Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Mummies

I've decided to make this summer different that summers past.  I want it to be.... productive.  I know, weird, right?  Previously I believed whole heartedly in just letting the little goobers run amuck and entertain themselves.  However, this usually doesn't end well.

So, because I stopped homeschooling in January, I still have tons of super fun stuff I had planned for the second half of the school year.  "Hey!"  I thought.  "Why not USE that stuff to keep the punks busy and learning through the summer.  AND, lose some guilt about the money I spent on curriculum that is sitting on the shelf collecting dust."  :0)

Well, PROJECT #1
Egyptian Mummies

First they colored while I read a bit about mummies.  I don't know about your kids, but with mine, if their hands aren't busy, their ears don't work.  

Punk #6 coloring
 "Stained Glass" pictures

Even the teenage girl joined us.  :0)

So after they finished coloring
and I finished reading,
I thought it would be fun to
mummify the children.
Doesn't he look eager?

I know, he looks less than thrilled, 
but trust me, he was loving it!

See?  Happy little mummy.

Of course he had to look
somewhat zombie-fied
as well.

All of a sudden, my punk says,
"Mommy, I don't feel good!
I need out of this!"
I let him unwrap immediately.
Right after I made him pose
for one more picture.

I was doing my best to convince him
everything was okay, and 
he was NOT going to get sick.

Poor kid couldn't tear that one-ply
toilet paper off fast enough!

Notice how pale he is?
Even his lips are white.
Poor baby!

                                Before                                  After!

Something tells me he will
want to be a mummy for Halloween.

But, none of that scared Jay in the least.

You can see Jared lying on the couch
in the background.

His best mummy face.

Time to rip it off
and watch 
the Mummy Episode of
Phineas and Ferb.

So, the next time you feel the need to waste 4 rolls of perfectly good toilet paper, go ahead and teach your punks a little bit about mummies and wrap 'em up!

WARNING: May cause unexpected nausea!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

Do any of you remember that song from the 80's?  It's by Alice Cooper.  Not my favorite type of 80's rocker, but the dang song will not leave my head!  I was going to put up a picture of Mr. Cooper, but as my punk walked by he kinda yelled, "Ahhh!" at the sight of him.  So I took it down.  You're welcome.

Anyway.  Kindergarten Graduation.  Seems (or rather it did) pointless and silly.  But, my punk was excited and I wasn't going to burst his little bubble.  So I decided to put on a smile and play along.  Well, as his teacher was handing out the caps and gowns and parents were getting their little darlings ready, my heart softened.  Just a little. 

Look how cute!  All ready to "walk"!

Receiving an award for  "TOP READER" in his class!  
Yes, this mama is proud!
And so happy I didn't miss this moment.

Can you tell I'm enjoying this by now?

His Big Brother got to leave class and attend the graduation too.
If you ask the Second Grader though, 
he'll tell you the cake and punch party
was the best part!

My Little Graduate.

I freaking LOVE Kindergarten Graduation!

I just hope he doesn't grow up 
to sing loud, crazy songs that stick in your head!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Yeah, I've been neglecting my blog.  I've faced some challenges in the last few months that took me away from several of my "favorite things".  But, I think I'm recovered and ready to jump back into my life again.  :0)

So, I decided to share where I've been recently.  This really was one of my favorite trips.

My husband came home from work one Saturday morning and said, "Let's go to Pensacola!"

Stunned, I said something brilliant like, "What?  We can't go to Pensacola!  The boys have soccer games.  And, I have to do laundry!"

Wow.  When did I get that old?  Spur of the moment trips used to be our specialty!  Of course that was before we had six kids.  Well, really it was before we had Baby Number Five.  That kids was a horrible traveler, from the hospital trip home until, well... now.   Anyway, after the soccer games were over, and I came to my senses, we packed some bags and took off on our adventure!

We like to make getting there as much fun and being there, so we stop along the way.  A lot.

This is the amazing Biloxi Lighthouse.
It was flooded with 21.5 feet of water when Katrina hit in 2005.
It cost over $400,000.00 to restore it!

 This was some random shop in Gulf Shores, Alabama!
I kept seeing sign on the highway depicting a giant sharks mouth
and I was excited that "we'd found it!"
Yeah, it wasn't the same shark, but I chose to believe it was.  ;0)
And I spent a small fortune on souvenirs.

Even though Jay didn't feel great, 
he still managed to have some fun.  
He's part fish, I think.

On the second day of vacation 
we found an Urgent Care Center and
took him in. Poor baby had a 
massive outer ear infection.  
Thank Heavens for antibiotics.
And Children's Advil.

The electricity was out at the Pensacola Lighthouse.
That made for a dark and slightly scary ascend to the top.
Have you ever tried to climb 176 spiral stairs 
with a terrified 7 year old clinging to your leg?
You should try it.  It's a hoot.

Love the view from the top!

Now it's my turn to be terrified!
Me and water....
Not exactly BFF's.
Don't tell my kids.  
They think it's FANTASTIC!

This punk has no fear.  Well, not from the ground.
Here he's looking down the barrel (is that the right term?)
of a civil war cannon.

My Darling Girl.

Seven year old Punk.
I love him.

Waiting for the ferry to go across Mobile Bay.

Being on a ferry is a weird sensation.
Especially when you drive your car on, 
and the boat starts moving.

It's also very windy on a ferry.
Just try to take a picture without your hair in your face.
Ain't gonna happen, sister.

Poor kids.  
I torture them trying to get the perfect shot everywhere we go.
Jared just wasn't having it.

Jay knows to just cheese it up and get it over with.  :0)

This girl is always a beautiful subject and a willing model.

So, there's the trip in pictures.  We went to Biloxi, MS; Gulf Shores, AL; and Pensacola, FL.  Gulf Shores was our favorite.  

Where have you been?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Now THAT is a big tomato.
If you like tomatoes, these are the best.
Just think BLT!
If you don't like them, well... you may not enjoy this post!  ;0)

 I love pictures of food!

 These aren't all the tomatoes,
but it gives you an idea of what we tackled.
Seven boxes, about 160 lbs.
What on Earth did we do with that many tomatoes?
You know, I'm glad you asked!
First up was SALSA!

 These are blanched and peeled and ready to go!

 Next, chopped onions.
And peppers, but I don't have a picture of the peppers.

 I added some cilantro and lemon juice.
It's a simple water bath process.
In no time we had this...

 Seriously HOT salsa. 
Of course we made a milder version
and a smooth version because my
punks don't eat chunks!

 Mmm, you can't buy mass amounts of tomatoes
and not make mass amounts of spaghetti sauce!
And a fair amount of plain tomatoes.

Here is my counter covered in all the tomato goods!
The funny little freezer jars in the front are tomato paste
that I made using this recipe from my friend at Our Best Bites.