Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Spy with my Little Eye...


The pictures you see below may be disturbing to some.  Especially my mother.  She would think I should be embarrassed.  And, she's probably right about that.  But, it's my reality.  Now, my entire house does not look like this. THAT alone would make me go insane (if my  SIX wonderful children haven't already, and I can still claim to be sane at the moment.)  But, my office does spiral out of control frequently.

It's kinda funny to me that I have such a wide variety of weirdness in my office.  Who has soooo many things that belong so many other places taking up precious desk/floor space?  So, I thought it would be fun to play a little game of "I Spy."  My little ones love the game, (although they CHEAT!) and it keeps them from killing each other in the car.   Sometimes.

So, have a good look at the photo, if you can stand it, and then see if you can find all the odd things I'm going to list for you.  And feel free to call me a slob if it makes you feel better about yourself.  ;0)  I don't mind.

*Mardi Gras Beads that I can't seem to find a home for.
*Pantyhose I purchased in the wrong style.
*A very late birthday present for my mother (I bet you're "lost" on that one. heh, heh!)
*A Bed, Bath and Beyond flier containing an ad for a cotton candy maker that my 4 year old has asked me to by for his birthday at least 7 times.  (His birthday is not until spring) I'm going to throw it away at once!
*Several file folder games that have been sitting there, unfinished for 6 months.  Maybe even longer.
*A small notebook that needs to be taken to my truck.
*A xyron sticker maker
*A Creative Memories Album that is full of pictures from 2006, but is still not all titled and journaled.
*A couple of boxes of Bob Books.
*A cup from Sea World with my name on it, that my Dad found at a yard sale.  This is only weird to me because I don't have a common first name, and have actually been to Sea World.
*A cricut cartridge, including the keypad, box, and booklet.
*Jump Start First Grade Math computer game that I bought last century.
*Bible Crazy Eights card game.
*A broken candy cane reindeer
*The Children's Songbook
**I'm sorry that you can't see the vampire teeth and play-doh cans behind my computer.


Now this one is the other side of my office.  I guess if you are brave enough to look at my desk, you can handle this...
I spy...

*A dry erase writing book.
*An over flowing trash can.
*Two baby dolls for my sweet little nieces.
*A baby afghan for the new sister of above nieces who was born in October.  Yeah, I have a post office phobia.  Not really, but it would sound like a valid excuse if it were true.  Wouldn't it?
*Pink, girly wrapping paper for said gifts.
*Various over due library books.
*Several wounded stuffed animals waiting for much needed surgeries.
*A box of file folders for making file folder games which I procrastinate finishing.
*More scrap booking paper than I will use.  Ever.  Mostly because I no longer like half of it.
*A family home evening board that needs names of my newest children added to it.  They are now 4 and 6. 
*"Happy Phonics" games which we actually do use in our home school.

Now, I have to go clean my office.  I bet you feel better about your day already, don't you? ;0)

Update:  I DID actually clean this mess up.  Mom would be proud!  But, sadly, it was not picture perfect by the time I got around to getting my camera out to take pictures of it.  So, you'll just have to take my word for it...  I really am NOT a slob.  Usually.