Wednesday, May 30, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

Do any of you remember that song from the 80's?  It's by Alice Cooper.  Not my favorite type of 80's rocker, but the dang song will not leave my head!  I was going to put up a picture of Mr. Cooper, but as my punk walked by he kinda yelled, "Ahhh!" at the sight of him.  So I took it down.  You're welcome.

Anyway.  Kindergarten Graduation.  Seems (or rather it did) pointless and silly.  But, my punk was excited and I wasn't going to burst his little bubble.  So I decided to put on a smile and play along.  Well, as his teacher was handing out the caps and gowns and parents were getting their little darlings ready, my heart softened.  Just a little. 

Look how cute!  All ready to "walk"!

Receiving an award for  "TOP READER" in his class!  
Yes, this mama is proud!
And so happy I didn't miss this moment.

Can you tell I'm enjoying this by now?

His Big Brother got to leave class and attend the graduation too.
If you ask the Second Grader though, 
he'll tell you the cake and punch party
was the best part!

My Little Graduate.

I freaking LOVE Kindergarten Graduation!

I just hope he doesn't grow up 
to sing loud, crazy songs that stick in your head!


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